What Are The Best Hookup Sites For 2020?

Your Craiglist personals hottest upgrade.


Single adults everywhere were devastated when Craigslist banned personal ads from their site in 2018. In response to Congress’ FOSTA bill, Craigslist banned users’ ability to post personal ads. While there’s a great deal of controversy about online dating communities, there are tons of sites today for people seeking casual encounter alternatives. These online platforms offer a variety of services for singles based on specific needs like sexual orientation, level of commitment, location, age, what career you have, etc. 

Long live the days of scoping out your hometown’s bar for potential hookups. If you’re single in the modern world, you can meet people at the touch of a button - literally. Traditionally, singles seeking casual encounters were more ostracized by society. If you were someone who had many partners, especially as a female, you were shamed by the do-gooders of the world. Fast forward to 2019 and you can open a browser or an app and connect with anyone within seconds, no matter who you are.


The easiest and quickest way to connect with someone also looking for a casual encounter is through using a mobile app. With most casual encounter sites, you have to build a profile and message people via the site. This is much simpler to do through an app on your phone. Many applications have built-in features that empower their users to connect and communicate with potential hookups that traditional websites fail to offer. This is 2019, tailor your dating life just how you want it when you want it with these 10 quality dating apps.


  1. Kinkyads.org - Kinkyads is simply the best site to come along from the time the craigslist personals closed.  Besides the traffic, it would be hard to disagree with the fact that kinkyads is better than craigslist in every way.
    There is just so much more to do from viewing nude photos of members, making friends, reading group post, watching videos and so much more.   The only thing that we can say that would make this fast growing hookup site better is if they came out with an app.


  2. Tinder - The father of all dating apps, where swiping became a worldwide phenomenon. Tinder is the go-to for most newbies to the online dating scene because of its many, simple profiles, and the general ability to engage with other users as freely as possible.Tinder is a fast paced, to the point app which sometimes can make messaging others a little awkward or uncomfortable. Generally, members of Tinder communicate what they want and are empowered to seek whatever type of relationship they want. The sheer mass of people on Tinder can make it especially easy for beginners to meet people and get comfortable on the platform, but this can also hinder genuine and deeper connections from developing. 

  3. OKCupid - The dating site of dating apps, this inclusive, message-based app connects singles with who their most compatible with. Users can make detailed profiles while remaining anonymous. The app offers an array of meetup options with other singles looking for exactly what you’re looking for. OKCupid also offers a location feature in which local singles can meet up in the area. Whether you’re newly single and want to put yourself out there, or you’re looking for your next serious relationship, OKCupid offers a space for you. 

  4. Badoo - Known as the world’s largest dating app, this platform has 400 million users, with 400,000 new users joining every day! Badoo makes safety a priority with its profile verification, requiring singles to verify their identity with a picture, text, or call. The app that respects your privacy, Badoo places a 2 message limit on other users unless they reply. Like another dating apps, Badoo gives users the option to locate other singles nearby their location for possible meetups. With its huge user base, this is a strong selling point for Badoo singles. It’s beautiful and easy design make dating look and feel better than ever before!

  5. Adult Friend Finder - Another hookup app with a respectable 77 million users is Adult Friend Finder. AFF is the perfect place to explore with other singles looking for their next fling. As one of the world’s biggest casual encounter apps, you can experiment in the world of adult dating like never before. This app is also very popular on the desktop site, showcasing the number of users who are also currently on the site. As there are many types of profiles and meetup options with AFF, this is a good first start for anyone new in the market for a casual encounter replacement.

  6. Yumi - This anonymous app is adored by adventurous singles everywhere. Yumi offers dating options, supports a variety of sexual orientations, and features many meetup options, featuring local meetup. Simple and easy to use, singles can begin matching with other potential partners within minutes of signing up in the app. Matches are designed in a card-like fashion, where singles either “flip” the match up or down. Often regarded as the next best thing to Tinder, Yumi offers a faster online dating experience for singles ready to try casual encounters with other singles. Highly reviewed across the board, Yumi is a guaranteed positive casual encounter alternative. 

  7. Hot or Not - This colorful app offers a range of relationship possibilities for singles. The dating app designed with your unique desires in mind, you can select the exact casual encounter you’re looking for. If you’re in need of some good, friendly company while traveling you can search for people internationally, or wherever you are locally! Hot or Not asks its members to simply vote yes or no if they’re interested in messaging a potential match. After that, singles can explore friendships, dates, and even relationships. 

  8. Hinge - “The dating app designed to be deleted” Hinge is the modern day romantic’s dream. Most single millennials use Hinge to find their next (or last) serious relationship. With more intimate profiles than most dating apps, Hinge asks a series of detailed questions to pair users with other people who share compatible profiles. 

    Hinge’s increasing popularity reveals the success of the platform, but there are certain drawbacks. For example, Hinge only offers two genders and if you want to access certain features you have to pay a fee. Overall, Hinger offers a sweet, trusting space for millennial adults to meet and date. 

  9. Zoosk - If you’re dancing with the idea of dating or casual encounter alternatives, Zoosk would be a great place for you to start in the world of online adult dating. This dating app functions to serve the singles who need a little extra help deciding what they want from a hookup or possible relationship. The app is simple, clean, and easy to use. Zoosk monitors your activity on the platform and pairs you with matches based off your user history. If you’re not sure what you want from a dating app, start with Zoosk.

  10. Bumble - Turning dating traditions on their heads, Bumble levels the playing field with the women-based messaging platform. Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe set out on a mission to disrupt the most common, creepy problem of dating apps. Majority of women have to engage with disrespectful and unwarranted messages from men online, and offline. Bumble empowers women to take charge by allowing only the girl to message first for a potential chat and meet up. Women and men on Bumble are generally seeking more committed relationships, but is an open space for all types of relationships to form. Time is of the essence as Bumble puts a 24 hour time limit on women to message their match, or the match disappears!

  11. Coffee Meets Bagel - Another relationship-oriented casual encounter app is Coffee Meets Bagel. This app inspires authentic connections between singles looking for meaningful dating relationships. The brilliant app notifies its users every day at noon with new matches hand-picked for them by it’s clever, expanding algorithm. Singles create in-depth profiles that dive beneath the surface of typical dating apps that prioritize quantity over quality. Coffee Meets Bagel aspires to restore the sanctity of dating by encouraging real conversations, even offering personalized ice breakers for messaging. 

  12. The League - This app is designed for the ambitious and driven singles looking for partners to build an empire with. In collaboration with LinkedIn, user’s profiles are populated from their LinkedIn profiles. Unlike many dating apps, this elite app requires members to be accepted into The League, having to be put on a wait list once they sign up on the app. Once you’re accepted, you can set your match preferences to very specific parameters. All users have a max of 21 days to message people or their potential matches expire.

  13. Pure - Pure users are singles looking for instant casual encounters. Members of Pure can create accounts quickly and begin connecting with other singles within minutes. Pure’s privacy protecting algorithm safely encrypts all data and deletes profile and chats in one hour after joining on the app. Singles have one hour to meetup and adventure together. You can see most millenials using this app, as it’s popular during their morning and evening commutes in traffic. Pure matches its users based on their gender preferences and interests listed on their profiles



With the wide variety of dating apps and sites that are available for single adults, you will likely find one or two that are just right for you, wherever you’re at in your relationship with others - and yourself! Casual encounter alternative apps give people the opportunity to meet, act, engage, and create relationships with each other that’s unprecedented. No matter who you are, how you identify, or where you live, these applications make it possible for you to design any kind of relationship you’d like to have in your life. 


Hookup Culture” is a phenomenon that most people would say has replaced dating entirely. It has certainly sparked the birth of causal encounter replacements, offering casual encounter alternatives for many people that was never available to them before. In many cases, these casual encounter alternatives lead to long-term, committed relationships. And in many cases they do not. That’s the beauty of these platforms. Whatever you’re looking for, if you’re a single adult wanting to explore casual encounters of any kind, there’s an app for that. 

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