My Only Doublelist Experience 

The Only Hookup From Doublelist

My first experience with this doublelist was when I lived in Vegas, I was engaged to a woman who was a white, small A cup and innocent looking woman.  She was a massage therapist, and here is the story.  It was a Sunday afternoon and the massage spa she worked at (not a hooker one but like massage envy style)I found her on doublelist, when I went to her shop it was closed, but she got a call for a massage and decided to do it anyway, We really had nothing going on that day so I said why not, 100 bucks was nice.

So I dropped her off, then when I went to go pick her up one hour later, I tried to open the main office doors and they were locked.  Ok, I totally get that, as it was Sunday.   So I waited 15 more min knowing the massage should have been done by now. I decided to peek in one of the windows and that's when I see her on top of him fucking some guy from doublelist, it was a casual encounter I have no idea she was doing.   I was shocked and just walked around the office outside waiting for her.

Not sure if I was mad, happy or what, so she finally opened the door, I came in and sat down, he came out and I said hi, after all, I had nothing on him as I would have tried the same thing. I mean what do you thing is going to happen when you respond to casual encounter, hookup, meet and fuck ads on doublelist. I know something was odd as she was 23 and he was 50 looking.

On the way home I told her I seen her fucking him and she started to cry, If she asked beforehand to have sex with a stranger I would have said yes but she did not.  She just went ahead and arranged the hookup. She said he was going to give her $500 but when I came in, she could not ask him so he left. I was with her for three months and shortly after that, we ended as I got back at her with a girl i met on doublelist who wanted her husaband to watch her have sex, cuckold and when she found out,  moved out over it.

Today, I love watching my wife get fucked by another guy cuckolding.  It started out where I wanted to watch, now I think I get more turned on if I can hear from a different room or watch on a cam as sitting there is kinda uncomfortable for the dude.  Once he leaves, then I get to take back what's mine and have sex with her.  I love it when he unloads in her and I can clean it up.

I love her to tell me about it as I am fucking her.   I want her to tell me how he got her off and the things she did.   

The main thing for me is permission.  If you do it without permission, I will torch 100% of your clothes, but if you ask then I will gladly give it.

If you guys love to watch, then try it without watching just sitting in the next room.  Will get your mind going so much, just post an ad on doublelist in the casual encounter section and see what happens.

That was my only experience on there, why? they always flag your ads for some reason, but if you want to see what I have been using over the past 2 years that is 100% better for people seeking a casual encounter hookup then click here.

Why does doublelist suck

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